Ayer Selex Suggest Maxant (not Luca) is JBOS Chair


By Mary E. Arata, marata@nashobapub.com

Posted:   02/18/2013 09:31:38 PM EST

AYER – If he’s there, he’s the chair. That was the informal consensus following the Feb. 5 Ayer selectmen meeting, confirming that Ayer selectman Frank Maxant remains the board’s representative to the Joint Boards of Selectmen (JBOS). As such, a majority of the Ayer selectmen signaled that Maxant is arguably, therefore, the 2013 JBOS Chairman.

Maxant is a JBOS regular, the sole Ayer appointed JBOS representative, and has served as JBOS Vice Chairman in 2012. The Ayer selectmen’s discussion tends to challenge the Jan. 24 JBOS vote in which Ayer selectman Gary Luca was apparently elected as the 2013 JBOS Chair…

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