Film Studio at Devens called Game-Changer for Bay State


Film studio at Devens called game-changer for Bay State

Lowell Sun, Posted: 11/22/2013 06:36:43 AM EST

By Hiroko Sato

DEVENS — Todd Arnow is used to spending a lot of time in abandoned buildings.

As executive producer of Oliver Stone’s 2012 crime thriller Savages, and unit production manager for The Perfect Storm, Arnow has seen construction crews build elaborate stage sets inside decrepit warehouses in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the country many times before.  Once actors left, everything would come down and it would become an empty warehouse once again.

That’s going to change, Arnow said, now that New England Studios has opened in Devens.  The football stadium-sized movie studios offers everything that Hollywood does and more: cutting-edge noise-canceling walls and fiber-optic systems, 45-foot-high lighting grids, and other amenities to make films, documentaries and television shows, said Chris Byers, director of studio operations and marketing.  Its existence means production companies will be lining up to work in Massachusetts, Byers said.

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