No MassDevelopment = No Revenue


No MassDevelopment = no revenue.  JBOS: If MassDevelopment steps back from governing Devens, the revenue goes, too

Nashoba Publishing, Posted: 11/27/2013 10:41:00 AM EST

By: M.E. Jones, Correspondent

Selectmen Leo Blair, who represents the Harvard board on the Joint Boards of Selectmen, reported to fellow selectmen Nov. 19 his take on the outcome of a recent Tri-Board meeting in Ayer that JBOS members and selectmen from the other two towns were invited to attend.

There was an “interesting and productive conversation” about the overlay district idea JBOS has been discussing recently, he said.  The takeaway was, the group will meet again — next time in Shirley — to pursue the discussion.

The purpose of the get-together in Ayer was to air a mostly Harvard-driven plan to create such a district versus other options such as early disposition or Devens becoming a town, both of which have failed to gain traction in the past.

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