Devens Ice Skating Rink is Now Open


The ice skating rink located at Rogers Field has just opened for the first time this season. 

Because this is an outdoor, man built, cleared and maintained rink, the ice rink will open and close frequently due to various weather conditions.

During snowstorms, the Devens DPW will be busy sanding and clearing the streets, so the ice surface will not be cleared off during these times.  This should not stop someone – at your own risk – from cleaning off snow with a shovel to make the rink accessible. Again, this would be at your own risk.

  • The rink is actually open 24/7 (no specific hours).
  • Night time ice use will be monitored by the State Police.
  • Rental skates and bathrooms are not available.
  • Hockey sticks and pucks are allowed only in the absence of other recreational skaters.  

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