Devens and its Impact on the Town of Harvard


Master Plan Week in Harvard – Updating Harvard’s Master Plan

The Master Plan Steering Committee invites you to participate in a series of Roundtables, continuing the conversations begun in Phase I of our update of the Town’s Master Plan.  Bring your ideas, concerns and questions as we consider the Focus Areas identified in Phase I, Vision and Goals, in conjunction with the master plan’s required elements.

The Roundtable conversations will be held over a series of three weeknights and one Saturday morning.   The Focus Areas from Phase I to be considered are:  Town Center, C-District, Housing, Conservation, and Devens.

Roundtable: Devens and its Impact on the Town

When: Saturday, March 8th 9:30 -11:30 am

Where: The Center on the Common, Bromfield Library, 14 Massachusetts Avenue, Harvard, MA

Topics:  What exactly is Devens?  What is the current status of Devens?  What does jurisdiction entail?  How does Devens currently impact the Town?  How would jurisdiction of Devens change Harvard?  Its tax base?  The C-District?  Housing options?  Traffic patterns and transportation?  Its sense of community?

Read more via Devens and its Impact on the town, Harvard Master Plan 2014.


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