Devens: The Place to Grow


Located in north-central Massachusetts, Devens is a stunning 4,400 acre community made up of unique natural resources.  the community is home to Big and Little Mirror Lake, the Eskers, and the Black Spruce Bog.  Recreational opportunities are endless and activities can keep you busy throughout the year, as residents can use recreation fields and facilities that are also available for tournaments and competitive play.  Preserving open space also remains a priority as Devens continues to prosper with land development.

Visitors from all over New England choose Devens as the location to host their sporting and social events.  Devens maintains some of the best outdoor fields in the area for soccer, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, softball, and more.  Our Community Center adjacent to Rogers Field, serves as a location for meetings, charity events and other social gatherings for Devens residents.



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