Fort Devens Museum: Battle of the Atlantic


Fort Devens Museum: Battle of the Atlantic – Longest battle of WWII

Nashoba Publishing, Posted: 04/08/2014 09:47:25 AM EDT

By: C. David Gordon, President, Fort Devens Museum

DEVENS — An audience listened enthralled as Maritime Historian Michael G. Walling told the story of the U.S. Coast Guard’s heroic involvement in the Battle of the Atlantic at Fort Devens Museum.

The longest battle of World War II, it actually began in early September 1939, about the time Hitler invaded Poland but over two years before our country declared war on the Axis powers.

It started as two Coast Guard cutters met in mid-Atlantic to help an American freighter that had picked up 238 survivors of a British ocean liner sunk by a German U-boat. First victims of the battle included women and children.

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