Bristol-Myers Squibb Devens Expansion Moving Forward


MassBioHQ, Posted: May 14, 2014

By: John Patella, Assoc. Director Communications, Bristol-Myers Squibb (Guest Post)

With Sharpies in hand and a bustling construction site as a backdrop, more than 100 Bristol-Myers Squibb employees celebrated the expansion of the Devens biologics manufacturing site on May 6 by adding their signatures to a 22-foot beam that will soon help expand both the site and its role.

Devens has focused on large-scale, bulk biologics manufacturing since its 2009 opening, but two new buildings will bring new capabilities. One building will be dedicated to Biologics Development, where scientists develop ways to manufacture new molecules coming out of the discovery stage of R&D, and prepare to produce commercial quantities. A second building will be dedicated to Clinical Manufacturing, where investigational medicines are produced for use in clinical trials. All of this will add more than 350,000 square feet to the Devens site and an estimated 350 full-time positions to the site’s workforce over time.

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