MassDev: No Plan for 2019 Pullout


MassDev: No plan for 2019 pullout; Blair not so sure

Nashoba Publishing, Posted: 06/26/2014 02:53:46 PM EDT

By: Amelia Pak-Harvey

DEVENS — MassDevelopment is once again quashing any notions that it might leave Devens before 2033, after Harvard Selectman Leo Blair pointed out what he called a contingency plan for the agency.

Referencing minutes from a December 2013 meeting of the MassDevelopment Board of Directors, Blair told the rest of the board last week that the chief financial officer presented a contingent exit strategy for 2019.

The minutes reveal a presentation of the Devens Cash Flow Projections from fiscal years 2014-2019, with input from CFO Simon Gerlin.

Read more via MassDev.: No plan for 2019 pullout – Nashoba Publishing Online.


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