Fort Devens Museum will be Showing a Documentary


Hallowed Grounds: America’s Overseas Military Cemeteries

Nashoba Publishing, Posted: 07/18/2014 07:32:59 AM EDT

DEVENS — Memorial Day has traditionally been a time of decorating the graves of the nation’s war veterans and of remembrance of their sacrifices to preserve our freedom.

Summer, though, is the time when most people have the opportunity to travel to France, and many especially intend to see the World War II Normandy beaches and the immensely impressive burial ground for American servicemen killed in the line of duty during the start of the liberation of France.

But there are other American military burial grounds across Europe, from both world wars. Such grounds can be found in Asia and the Pacific as well.

Fort Devens Museum will be showing a documentary introducing these many cemeteries in foreign lands, including that in Normandy, on Saturday, July 19, starting at 1 p.m. at the museum’s premises, 94 Jackson Road on Devens. The event is the this month’s third Saturday of each month presentation.

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