JBOS: Zoning Changes Easier if Separated


Nashoba Publishing, Posted: 08/01/2014 07:35:29 AM EDT

By: Amelia Pak-Harvey

HARVARD — Passing the zoning changes that MassDevelopment is requesting from Ayer, Harvard and Shirley might be a little easier if broken up into pieces, the Joint Boards of Selectmen decided at its meeting on Thursday.

Recapping the discussion of the new working group formed to guide the JBOS through the potential changes, Harvard Selectman Leo Blair said one suggestion is to propose only one at first.

“There’s not a unanimity at the moment among the members of even the working group as to whether all of the potential changes, would be viewed favorably, and that trying to explain the four different zoning changes to people in a short period of time may cause more confusion and create a negative result,” he said.

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