Shirley’s First Solar Farm Up and Running


Nashoba Publishing Online, Posted: 08/12/2014 01:30:08 PM EDT

By: M.E. Jones, Correspondent

SHIRLEY — An assortment of local and company officials and other invited guests gathered for an inaugural event on a recent Friday morning at the site of Shirley’s first solar array, built on 20 acres of Water District land off Patterson Road.

After two years of planning and preparation, construction of the three-megawatt facility took about four months and was completed this spring.

With an on-site inverter that converts direct current DC to alternating current AC for consumer use and about two miles of wires, cables and conduits connecting all 72-units in the 37,047-panel array to each other and to the grid, the delivery route that takes the sun-power to its destination leads to Devens, after tunneling beneath a brook and a road.

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