No Further Action for Plow Shop Pond


No further action for Plow Shop Pond; Limited action on former Railroad Roundhouse

Nashoba Publishing, Posted: 01/20/2015 10:20:07 AM EST

By: Jon Bishop

DEVENS — The Restoration Advisory Board’s meeting in Devens last Thursday brought some news: Plow Shop Pond requires no further cleanup action, while the former Railroad Roundhouse will see limited action, meaning the prevention of ingestion and direct contact with impacted soil and the implementation of land use controls.

According to a presentation from Steve Passafaro, a senior project manager from Sovereign Consulting, site investigations from 1992 to 2010 at Plow Shop Pond concluded that there were elevated concentrations of arsenic in Red Cove, which were attributed to the Shepley’s Hill Landfill. In 2012, there was a non-time-critical removal action that led to the installation of a groundwater barrier wall between the landfill and Red Cove. This, he said, mitigated the arsenic-in-groundwater flux.

In 2013, crews undertook another non-time-critical removal action at the pond, which led to the extraction of 3,000 cubic yards of impacted sediment from Red Cove. There was another in the same year. Crews removed 900 cubic yards of impacted sediment from the former Railroad Roundhouse shoreline, he said.

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