Parking Ban – February 14-15, 2015


Effective 9:00 PM Saturday, February 14 through 8:00 PM Sunday February 15th there will be a parking ban in effect for all Devens streets.

Remote parking has been set up at 100 Sherman Road (Community Center) for the Elm and Walnut Street residences and the DPW parking lot at 99 Buena Vista (along Antietam Field) for the Bates, Auman, Adam Circle and Cavite Street residences.

With all the snow that has been falling over the past three weeks, it has become difficult to manage.  The DPW also asks you and your hired contractors to not place your snow into the public roadways and sidewalks.  By doing this you create dangerous travel conditions, excessive work for the DPW and added stress to our equipment and staff.



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