Jackson Road Reconstruction


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Bid Date & Time: 03/27/15 2:00 PM

Prebid: 03/12/15 10:00 AM

Solicitation Title: Jackson Road Reconstruction

Owner Solic Number: 15-002 EDA    Status: bidding    Report: 6136969

Country :United States     State: MA    County: Middlesex

Location: Jackson Road in Devens

Est. Low Value: $3,700,000    Est. High Value: $3,700,000

Scope: Roadway reconstruction and utility improvements. Work includes: approx 4,000 LF full depth roadway reconstruction; water, sewer and storm drain system along the entire length of the project including: 6″-12″ DI water pipe – Pressure Class 350 and thickness Class 52; 6″-24″ PVC SDR35 sewer pipe; 12″-24″ Class IV RCP drain pipe w/ O-ring; pre-cast concrete drain/sewer manholes. Boring is not anticipated in the project.

Notes: A pre-bid meeting will be held on 3/12/15 @ 10:00 AM at 33 Andrews Parkway, Devens MA. Bidders must be pre-qualified by MA-DOT in the category of Highway Construction for a minimum amount of $4,000,000.00. The total amount of federal funding included in the project financing will be $1,858,909, which represents a portion of the total project costs to including design, construction, project inspection and management of the project. This solicitation has some or all federal funding, additional requirements may apply.

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