Thatcher Kezer, MassDev, Senior VP, Devens


Thatcher Kezer, MassDevelopment, Senior Vice President, Devens

Thatcher Kezer joined MassDevelopment as Senior Vice President of Devens in March 2015.  In this role, he serves as the lead staff person of MassDevelopment in Devens with oversight of its Departments of Public Safety (including Fire and Police), Public Works, Recreation, and Utilities.

Mr. Kezer has extensive municipal leadership experience as Mayor of Amesbury for eight years; and as an Associate at the Edward J. Collins Center for Public Management at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, where he helped municipalities across Massachusetts become more efficient and effective. A Lieutenant Colonel in the Massachusetts Air National Guard, he chairs the Community and Municipal Support Committee of the Massachusetts Military Asset and Security Strategy Task Force; MassDevelopment has helped to staff the Task Force.

He is a graduate of Salem State University with a BS in Economics.

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