Devens Committee Meeting April 30, 2015


The Devens Committee will host a public meeting on Thursday, April 30, 2015 at 7:00 pm at 33 Andrews Parkway.

This meeting will cover two (2) topics:

1. The MassDevelopment proposal for the four (4) changes to the ‘Reuse Plan’ that has been the subject of three (3) meetings here at Devens, and will be presented to the towns through a ‘Super Town Meeting’ to be scheduled for early June.  This part of the meeting should be brief and cover approximately the first twenty (20) minutes.

2. The second part of the meeting is a follow up to our meeting of the 10th of March.  Minutes of this meeting have been distributed to all of our community.  These minutes, and their action items, will form the Agenda for this portion of the meeting.

Please plan to attend this critical meeting for our community!

All residents are encouraged to attend.



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