Mum’s the Word on Grant Road Affordable Units


The Harvard Press, May 28, 2015

By: John Osborn

As proponents of the 124-unit Grant Road housing project at Devens prepared for a third and possibly final hearing on Thursday, there was no word on whether Harvard, MassDevelopment, and Devens Village Green LLC, the developer, were any closer to an agreement on how to include low-cost housing units in the project.

Selectman Ron Ricci said in an email that he and Selectman Leo Blair had met last Wednesday, May 20, with Thatcher Kezer, MassDevelopment’s senior vice president at Devens. He said the purpose of the meeting had been to reiterate the support of the Harvard selectmen for a proposal by Harvard’s Municipal Affordable Housing Trust to contribute $140,000 of its trust money toward the cost of adding 10 low-income and 18 moderate-income apartments to the mix of single and multifamily units proposed for Grant Road. He said his impression was that both DVG and MassDevelopment were “working diligently” to find a “favorable outcome.”

In an email Tuesday night, David Hopper of the trust said that DVG had reached out to him that afternoon to let him know that they were “working with MassDevelopment and the Devens Enterprise Commission staff to achieve the goals identified in the offer from the trust.”

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