Say Yes to a Super Chance to Improve Nashoba Valley


Nashoba Publishing, Posted: 06/05/2015 07:36:35 AM EDT

By: Thatcher Kezer

New England summer traditions include fried clams, Cape Cod traffic and Red Sox games without the threat of freezing rain. This year, Devens and its neighbors will combine our well-deserved warm season with another New England staple: town meeting.

On June 8, the towns of Ayer, Harvard and Shirley will hold a Super Town Meeting for residents and the Devens community to vote on four important changes to the Devens Zoning By-laws. These changes will work to preserve and protect Devens open space and to address housing and health needs of seniors in the area. Please consider voting yes for all four of these changes.

The proposed zoning changes will benefit the Nashoba Valley region as a whole for generations to come. The four questions in their final form incorporated many of those comments into the proposed changes.

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