Tentative Timeline on Jackson Road Project


Devens: Tentative timeline on Jackson Road project

Nashoba Publishing, Posted: 06/05/2015 07:31:48 AM EDT

DEVENS — The contractor has begun staking out the limits of clearing and erosion control. Once he finishes we (MassDevelopment and DEC) will inspect and then they can begin cutting trees and installing haybales, silt fence, etc.

The project trailers have been dropped off at the corner of Antietam and Jackson. This will be the primary “lay down and stockpile” area where the contractor’s work will be based from. There will be a fenced in area here where the contractor will store equipment and materials and they will be using the first row of the parking lot for their employee parking. Excess soils may also be temporarily piled in this area until they are ready for them on other parts of the project.

The following is a general summary of the project schedule. We will provide more specific information on a shorter term basis throughout the project using the project webpage on the Devens Community website (devenscommunity.com/jacksonroad).

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