Devens to Harvard and Back


Devens to Harvard and back – Resident revisits issue of territory

By M.E. Jones, Correspondent

Nashoba Publishing Online, Posted: 07/08/2015 09:58:02 AM EDT

HARVARD — Not for the first time, Devens resident and Joint Boards of Selectmen representative Tom Kinch brought up jurisdiction and how it impacts his compact community.

With more than 100 households established within the tree-lined, sidewalk-skirted perimeters of the former Fort Devens, which is also home to a variety of industrial and business enterprises, most of the residences — including handsomely renovated townhouses, single-family colonials, ranches and bungalows that once housed military families — are located in Harvard, geographically. A few are in Ayer.

Shirley, the third stakeholder town with historic boundaries in the Devens Regional Enterprise Zone (DREZ), has no Devens residents.

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