Devens Panel Talks Waste Plant Truck Traffic


Lowell Sun Online, Posted: 07/29/2015 10:48:40 AM EDT

By: M.E. Jones, Correspondent

DEVENS – After quickly dispatching a public hearing and granting a common victualler’s license to applicant Georgette Pulsifer for the Natural Café on Jackson Road, the Devens Enterprise Commission launched into a discussion of heavy truck traffic on Walker Road in Shirley that is headed for the wastewater treatment plant in Devens.

Director Peter Lowitt explained to the commissioners how an accord was reached with the town of Shirley to address the problem. To summarize, Shirley has jurisdiction to permit a driveway curb cut for a proposed greenhouse facility – Salad Bowl Farms – that MassDevelopment has lined up for a Devens site off Walker Road.

In that context, the town brought up neighborhood complaints about truck traffic to the Devens wastewater treatment plant, Lowitt said. In response, he told Shirley officials that the issue involves several entities, he said, including MassDevelopment, the state agency in charge of redeveloping the former military base and its temporary governance, Devens’ utilities and the haulers with contracts to use the WWT facility, which Shirley’s public sewer system also ties into.

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