Fort Devens Post Cemetery


Fort Devens Post Cemetery was established in 1939.  It is situated along Patton Road and open to the public.  Buried there are soldiers and their families from six of America’s wars.

Thirty (30) graves have been transferred from the original Camp Devens cemetery and ninety seven (97) graves have been transferred from several fort cemeteries in Boston Harbor.  The cemetery also contains the graves of the many men as well as children who were victims of the influenza epidemic of 1917-1919, when fourteen thousand (14,000) were stricken.  The cemetery also contains twenty two (22) German and Italian WWII prisoners of war who died in captivity.

Every October, the Italian and German Consuls attend a memorial for their countrymen.  Local lore has it that a Lady in Black haunts the cemetery at night – a forlorn woman whose loved one never returned from service.



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