Introduction to Devens


Devens is located in north central Massachusetts, approximately thirty-five miles northwest of Boston and twenty miles northeast of Worcester.

An active military base until 1996, the former Fort’s Main and North Posts occupy 4,400 acres in the towns of Ayer, Harvard and Shirley.

The 2006 Devens Reuse Plan provided a vision and a plan for future development of the Devens Regional Enterprise Zone as the Town of Devens and four parcels, which would revert to the Towns of Shirley, Ayer and Harvard.

Since the Fort closed, Devens has successfully attracted new businesses and replaced civilian jobs lost when the base closed.

Two (2) hotels, a conference center, restaurants, and retail stores in combination with the renovation of over one hundred (100) homes has brought new residents to Devens and is making Devens a vibrant and sustainable community.

The unwavering goal of Devens is to create a sustainable community with a robust mix of employment opportunities, housing, open space and recreation, and civic and municipal services.





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