Progress Reported on Devens Airfield Remediation


Progress reported on Devens airfield remediation

The Lowell Sun

UPDATED: 01/21/2016 10:22:43 PM EST

By: Hiroko Satohsato

AYER — The environmental remediation strategies for the former Moore Army Airfield, including the latest adjustments to them, are showing some improvement, according to the project leaders who are trying to tackle pockets of areas left with contaminants.

At the Devens Restoration Advisory Board meeting on Thursday night, Elizabeth Anderson of H & S Environmental, a contractor for the remediation project, said the concentrations of tetrachloroethylene in groundwater are decreasing overall and getting closer to the site goal. Some residual pockets of the chemicals are still remaining, however, and the remediation team will be drafting an updated “longterm monitoring and maintenance plan” by mid-April for the field to address this and other issues, setting up additional monitoring well locations, Anderson said.

The news comes nearly 12 years after the remediation project started. The contaminated area is located on the northeast boundary of the former airfield. The contaminants came from two World War II fueling systems, a former drywell associated with the parachute shakeout tower and a tetrachloroethylene drum storage area.

Source: Progress reported on Devens airfield remediation – Lowell Sun Online




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